THE OLD CHURCH HAS A LONG HISTORY OF BEING SAVED BY THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE IT. TOC’S BETTER TOGETHER IS A VIRTUAL BENEFIT SERIES launched in response to the pandemic’s impact on our collective livelihood.

As protests across the USA and the world condemn police brutality and centuries of racial injustice, we hear the call to action. The mission of The Old Church is to promote music and art that enhance the cultural life of the community.  We stand by our community and by the Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s time for all of us, those with privilege and those with less, to stand in solidarity and become allies against racism and damaging systems of oppression wherever and however they exist. Upcoming episodes in the Better Together series will lift and amplify the voices and art of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.  Stay tuned.


Episode 4: Anthems

Healing Songs by Local Artists.

Electrifying vocalist Saeeda Wright will elevate your mind and raise your spirits. Saeeda has performed with Prince, Prince’s New Power Generation, Liv Warfield, Lalah Hathaway, Mother’s Favorite Child and many more. She is well respected for her solo performances with Oregon Symphony and is a fixture at the Blues Festival.

Treneti is a vocalist, bassist, songwriter and producer and so much more. Her artistry always keeps the evolutionary journey of human consciousness at the center of her creations. Treneti’s journey has felt nothing but divinely orchestrated and the miracles continue to flow, opening the doors to allow this music to touch more and more hearts each day.

When Portland natives Antoine Stoudamire and Claire Elizabeth Grace started to collaborate they became “Wonder Twins” — as in “Wonder Twin powers, activate,” borrowing the characters and their relationship from an old cartoon. While both have thriving solo careers, together they make-up the group MadgesdiqCEG. The magic between them is instantly undeniable, the beauty of which is still unfolding. Their brand new singles “Be Still” and “#Champion,” produced by local producer Gulls, are right on track for the times.

Growing up in the shadows of Chicago, Kingsely was raised to the rhythms of house music. She is able to weave between genres and capture the true emotion behind her words with her unique vocal performance. Kinglsey sings about life, love and her personal journey with an unforgettable voice that will warm you up and melt you down.

The Lyric Project is an “anthology love letter to music” and Season 2 is a mini-binge session of short films. Hailing from Baton Rouge, Portland filmmaker Ezekiel Brown is known by his company’s moniker The Chocolate Giant, a reference to Spike Lee’s ‘le géant du chocolat’  from Miracle at St. Anna. In Season 2, How To Say Goodbye, Brown investigates the neuroscience aspect of how we process music and lyrics, asking how music can transport us through our memories, and how outside of a melody, we might not immediately recognize lyrics from a popular tune. FREE TO WATCH. DONATIONS WELCOME. PROCEEDS GO TO EZEKIEL BROWN. STREAMING FRIDAY JUNE 26TH AT 7PM. 


As seen on Sesame Street, NBC’s UniversalKids, and live at TOC, Mario the Maker Magician goes VIRTUAL on Friday May 29 @ 4pm for the Better Together online performance series! This virtual experience brings you never-before-released live performance footage from Mario’s last TOC show along with fun new just-for-online segments! It’s all-ages magic through the lens of the Maker Movement, with handmade robots, punk rock slapstick, and more.  FREE TO WATCH.  DONATIONS WELCOME.

Earnest songwriting, dedication to craft, and genuine care for the music is at the forefront of what Never Come Down does. “We never tell each other what to play; as a group we can feel it when the music is right.” It’s that feeling that Never Come Down creates that has captivated audiences from the onset and is now drawing national attention.
Watch Never Come Down at TOC Streaming LIVE on APRIL 17.